What should include a Good Net-Zero Commitment?

Håkon Grimstad
Marcin Jozwiak
Climate Action Tracker Report

1 — Scope

1.1 Target Year — For the target to be more meaningful, it should have a specific target year or target period. For example, instead of between 2040 and 2050, it should be set a specific time period, such as setting a 2050 target directly. The target year here certainly varies from country to country and is directly related to the country’s economic situation, the resource it allocates for net-zero goals, and the decarbonization technology it uses.

2 — Target Architecture

2.1 Legal Status — Countries’ net-zero commitments vary depending on whether these rules are guaranteed by law or not. For example, while the UK protects its decisions by law, Japan and China have only announced these decisions yet. A good net-zero commitment should be protected by the country’s national laws.

3 — Transparency

3.1 Carbon Dioxide Removal — All CDR technologies should appropriate to Paris Agreements long-term goals. Land usage, Land usage change and Forestry sectors should be subgrouped.
3.2 Comprehensive Planning — Actionable, short-range or mid-range steps are needed, at this point countries should have a comprehensive planning process.
3.3 Clarity of Fairness Target — Countries should fairly disclose the extent to which their commitments will contribute to the 1.5-degree target. In particular, leading countries in this field should support other countries’ carbon removal technologies and make agreements for social benefit.

Turkey’s Evaluation



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