Be ready for acid attacks, or change your way of living life

Dustan Woodhouse from
Dustan Woodhouse from
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What can I do?

We suggest a few most-known and effective ways how you can reduce your carbon footprint:

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1 — Try reducing the use of fuels the biggest contributor to the acidification of oceans. The burning of these fuels releases CO2 and this results in the over absorption of CO2 by the sea.

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2 — Start moving to renewable sources of energy. Communities could join together and invest in using solar electricity, or a bio-fuel powered generator or a larger group of people could invest in windmills. All in all, we should use more renewable sources of energy.

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3 — Afforestation will keep you alive. Forests are home to biodiversity and a hub of natural resources there is no organism that could sustain without oxygen. Plant as many trees as you can.

Martijn Baudoin from

4 — Reduce the use of disposable plastic. The manufacturing of plastic products is inexpensive to humans because of its various applications but is very costly to the environment. The number of emissions released in the transportation of the raw materials, manufacturing of the plastic, its moulding and other processes. Thus the need for plastic needs to stop and we should use its alternatives.

Ravin Rau from

5 — Recycle to continue the lifecycle. It’s needless to say that recycling is the solution to a number of problems including acidification of the oceans. We need to be conscious about the use of the products we use and also that how we can use them after they are finished as well.

Who we are?

We are @beawareCO2 a social-environment initiative to raise awareness of the public on CO2 emissions. Our aim is to create individual awareness of carbon footprint and orienting people to an environmentally friendly lifestyle.



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